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Harmonious Print And Pattern Mixing

Harmonious Print And Pattern Mixing

Love patterns but afraid they’ll clash? You’re not the only one! Print and pattern mixing can make or break a room. The right mix will make you feel happy, harmonious and daring.

Here are some tips will make it easier to layer patterns for that collected, boho look you love.

Start with what you already own

If you have an area rug that’s full of geometric shapes, play off of it. Pick a color and look for patterned decor items like vases or throw pillows that pick up the same color. We love these unique patterned pillows from Boho Luxe Home!

A cohesive color palette encourages harmony. But don’t just go for the obvious. Check that rug (or throw, or piece of art) that is serving as a starting point, and look at the details. Is there a bit of turquoise? An almost unnoticed sliver of purple? Throw in some prints that pull that color to the forefront.

Find the right ratio of solids and prints

Scandinavian style homes are often clean and minimal, so can you add layers of pattern to a simplified decorating theme?

Here, you might want to juxtapose a neutral palette with little pops of pattern—dots, stripes, or geometrics—keeping them balanced with white space. (And by white space, we mean gray, black, tan – or blue space…basically the field of color that grounds your space.)

Three is your friend.

That’s right, play with three different patterns in different scales. One large-scale, one half the size of the first one, and one small. For instance, try one large geometric pattern, a medium abstract print, and a smaller checked one. Keep the color mix similar or even identical. The gradation in weight creates unity. Too many big patterns can overwhelm, and too many small patterns confuse the eye and can look messy rather than chic.

Similarly, it helps to work with the same color intensity. Pastels aren’t usually best friends with primary colors, but patterns can blend seamlessly if they come from the same color family.

The key to harmony.

Mixing patterns isn’t like walking into the fabric outlet, pointing randomly at things you like and hoping it all works out at home. Patterns have to share something in common to create balance.

Imagine a mix of black and white prints in various scales. Or a harmonious blend of turquoise, pink and green – in a large scale floral, a medium stripe and tiny check. Getting the picture?

Whether they’re all the same color family, or style (Arabic styles are pattern heavy, for instance, but layering looks great here), find a unifying point and start adding.

And remember – we’re maximalists. We love to play and mix and match and clash. So obviously, we think rules can be broken – even ours!

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