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Green Rooms: Spaces Worth Your Envy

Green Rooms: Spaces Worth Your Envy

It’s not easy being green.

At least that’s what we’ve been led to believe! In fact, green is an amazing color to decorate with! It comes in so many tones and tints, ranging from cool to warm, and provides endless possibilities for stylish decor. Green – whether a vibrant warm shade or a more muted earthy neutral – will make you feel refreshed.

Before you go green with envy, here are some quick and easy tips on making your home look fresher and happier using this feel-good hue.

If you’re not sure where to begin, start with a surface — a wall or floor. A rug in the shade you like promises a quick (not to mention, affordable) design solution, and is less of a commitment than paint.

Similarly, you could bring in some living color. Plants are a pleasant addition to a room. Add a small green vase on the table or go vertical with a larger potted plant. But, please, please, please — let’s forget the full-on jungalow look, shall we?

Little pops of green go a long way. Build your green collection bit by bit. Start with a mint-colored trinket tray in the entryway or some throw pillows in multiple shades of green. You can mix and match shades and subtract or add as you please.

Green Room: Fresh Ideas

Speaking of mixing and matching, what will you use as complementary colors? Here are a few tried-and-tested green room combinations to help you out.

For children’s bedrooms or a nursery, mix some lime green with soft pink. The mix is playful, cheery, and light—just right for playtime and cuddling. For master bedrooms, go with something more muted, like a forest green with dark wood.

Alternatively, white (and black or blue) with Kelly green creates a clean, preppy look. (Psst! In a dining room, it’ll look great with a simple centerpiece of lemons or pears!)

For living areas, earthy tones like moss green with shades of blue can lend a welcoming atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing.

Green rooms can be organic, formal, fresh or fun.

This fresh and versatile color could be one of the best things you add to your home. So you see, it IS easy being green.

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