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Sprucing Up Space With Artsy Fabrics

Sprucing Up Space With Artsy Fabrics

Artsy fabrics can add so much personality to an otherwise boring room. Case in point: your mother’s collection and when she whips out her annual Christmas-themed textiles just in time for the holidays. Just like that, the old dull dining table is suddenly bright and festive, ready to host hungry bellies and gather loved ones.

Fabrics as decor are especially great because they’re a fast and affordable upgrade into any room! A sofa is suddenly so welcoming once a chunky knit throw is laid on it, and a white crispy linen duvet cover is just begging to be sunken into!

The good news is there are so many options of fabrics to choose from (hence your mother’s collection) that you can have one for practically every season (and holiday) of the year.

Here are a few tips with styling these Uber-versatile pieces.

Bringing prints home to up your mood

It can get really sad and cold during the winter, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting some Spring inspiration and bringing out your floral patterned fabrics and peppering them all over the house!

Serve hot cocoa with tulip-printed tea towels and sunny days won’t feel that far away. When the heat wave of Summer comes, bring out your light, airy lace prints to cool everything down and add a bit of dreaminess.

Boho Luxe Home has choices of Fabric By The Yard. They have great choices of tempting patterns such as these:

and with a little know how, they can be the answer to your decorating dream.

Tactile textiles are the way to go

There’s something very primal about feeling textured fabrics. We’re talking about how embroidered and embellished fabrics not only adds more pizazz but also intrigues your sense of touch. Use them sparingly, like in a table runner, or go all out and get a Pom Pom bed spread! They also liven decor up especially when you have company over. You know how attention-grabbing a sequined piece of clothing is, right? Imagine if you had a sequined table cloth! They’re sure to add some “sparkle” in entertaining.

Multi-use artsy fabrics

Decorating with printed fabrics can easily spice up your home, but what if you’ve got limited space or a limited budget?

Homemakers are good at multitasking, and so should your linens! That paisley-printed cloth you got from the market can both be a table cloth for the summer and a flat sheet for a bohemian bed. Or you know that knit ponchos you got at the vintage store? Double it’s use as a runner, chair fabric replacement, or a couch throw!

The possibilities are endless when styling with artsy fabrics, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to change your home’s look, go out and cop that unboring, fun, printed fabric you’ve always wanted!

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