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A Fabric Affair To Remember

A Fabric Affair To Remember

Ever walked into a party and thought, this place needs a little (okay, a LOT) more drama? Fabric is a great way to transform any space from drab to fab, and we know just how to do it!

You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy fabric.
And that’s pretty close.

Plus, it’s an easy and affordable way to (literally) dress up your event. With the holidays almost here, you’ll get great decor with minimum stress, so go ahead and check out these 6 ideas for styling with fabrics.

1. Mad For Plaid

Bring a chic, comfortable touch to your holiday event decor with plaid table accents. Throw in some decorative pillows and chair cushions. Seasonal plaid covers are a joy to lounge against on any chair, sofa or bed.

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Tartan reminds us of Scotland of course. (Outlander, anyone?). What’s not to love about brawny men in plaid skirts? Use this historic clan pattern to add vintage, romantic flair to an otherwise modern atmosphere. Throw tartan over a leather couch, for instance. Or on your tabletop. Tartans can be quite bold so most people think its best to pair with solids — but we’ve seen it layered with color and pattern, too. And of course, we loved it!

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2. Embrace the Paint

When solid fabrics – or even prints – are just not enough for you, bring out the paint and get creative! Velvet Finishes paint won’t crack or feel stiff on fabric, so you can get out your brushes and let your imagination do the rest! Did we mention that we love this light gray color called Opulent? It’s versatile, stylish. Spells very luxurious. Try painting an entire chair or swishing it boldly across a pillow that’s starting to bore you!

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3. Bow-Tied

Is there anything more festive than ribbons? Okay, maybe sequins and glitter and tassels — but hear us out! Hand-Tied Bows are your secret “pretty” weapon. Just a loop here and a swoop there and ta-dah, it’s SUPA PRETTY! Case in point: Presents, balloons, chairs, heck sometimes even Lady Gaga’s hair looks better with ribbon—or IN a ribbon.

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4. Adding the Exotic

If there’s one travel souvenir with staying power, it’s the toran (taw-rin). Traditionally hung over the door in Hindu homes, this wonderfully embellished piece of fabric instantly adds color and mood to a room. Use one as a table runner or headboard, style several together on a wall or hang it in an entryway. However you use it, the toran equals an instant good mood AND an Insta-worthy spot in your home.

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5.Fabric By The Yard

Use fabric to make table runners, pillows, drapes and backdrops. Holiday decor is an easy DIY with fabric by the yard. Make tree skirts and stockings at Christmas time, a tablecloth for Easter brunch. Make your living room instantly more stylish. Great for decorating a guest room or a dorm room. Boho Luxe Home has uniquely colorful fabrics by the yard. Check out their globally-inspired patterns, each one exclusive to the jet-setting design duo. The ones above are just a few of our favorites. With a little imagination, fabric is the answer for that affair to remember!

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