Styling your space with art is one of the most fun – and personal – elements of redecorating. The right piece of wall art can change a room and make you feel great at the same time. Art reflects your personality and sets a tone. So always choose what makes you happy!

When redoing an entire space, you may start by focusing on walls, flooring, space planning and furniture. But it’s the details, like pillows, art, and decorative accents, that will bring your creative vision to life.

Do you love a luxurious bohemian feel in your home decor? Then decorative accents will become even more important. Each detail adds a layer of interest and discovery to the space.

Take a look at this special collection of art. Each exclusive piece tells a story – and will add warmth and spirit to your walls. It’s inspired by a sense of wanderlust, the places we’ve been and the dreams we’ve pursued.

Our themes are global and steeped in a variety of traditions and cultures. Italian villas, Bedouin tents, and African savannas have pulled us in and eventually we’ve returned, however reluctantly, to our own abodes. Then we’ve created these souvenirs to share with you.

Our substrates are modern and sometimes unexpected.

Take a look at our vintage ladies in kimonos for instance – preserved in acrylic – and turned into a unique art block. Place these small art objects on a shelf or table to add a rich look of layering and detail.

Our organic and moody tree on an African plain, sublimated onto metal, creates a mix of old and new that will last forever.

Our wall art – whether on leather or metal – comes ready to hang. Our acrylic blocks stand freely on their own. Our one of a kind art pieces, collected on our travels, add an extra layer of intrigue. Choose your favorite!

Every art piece tells a story and starts a conversation. Let yours be about travel, adventure, chance meetings and shared experiences. Conveniently browse our amazing selection of Art pieces and choose the one that best fits your space. We can’t wait for you to see all of them. With the wide variety of art available, we’re sure you’ll see the one you’ll love!