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Peel and stick wallpaper goes up incredibly easy, with no need for a professional installer (unless one is preferred). Our high-end, no commitment paper has a luxurious look and creates instant change in any part of your home. When you're ready for a new look, it's easily removed - none of the steaming, scraping, damage, or residue associated with traditional wallpaper.

Yes. You can definitely install peel and stick wallpaper in a bathroom. It is especially popular for powder rooms and laundry rooms, since it can turn a small space into a showstopper.

In bathrooms where heat and moisture is more prevalent, you will want to make sure you have proper ventilation. Constant steam and heat may shorten the wallpaper's lifespan, over time.

If you are at all concerned, add a few drops of glue to the edges of the paper.

Absolutely! Peel and stick is perfect for rentals and can help transform your apartment into a chic showhouse, without causing any headaches for your landlord. It's also great in dorm rooms!

Yes. We love wallpaper in kitchens. It really dresses them up. Just don't install directly above your stovetop, and don't attempt to use it as a backsplash.

High-quality peel and stick will last for years, if properly installed and cared for.

Yes. Each one of our wallpaper pattern pages includes a link to purchase a sample pack. Since opened rolls can not be returned, getting a sample pack is the way to go. To see all samples, click here.

Peel and stick works best on clean, smooth surfaces. The wallpaper will not form a bond with porous or uneven surfaces like plaster or brick.

We recommend that you don't install peel and stick above baseboard heaters, as constant direct heat will dry out the adhesive.

Freshly-painted walls need to cure for about three weeks before you install peel and stick. Semi-gloss or high-gloss wall finishes work best.

Do not install over primer.

Peel and stick CAN be installed on ceilings, but you will need glue at the seams to counter the effects of gravity.

If you’ve recently painted your walls, please make sure to wait at least three weeks for the paint to cure before installing peel and stick.

Walls should be clean, dry and dust-free prior to installation.

Consider asking a friend or family member for help. Installation is easiest with two people, although it can be done alone as well.

Full instructions will be included with your order. To see more detailed installation instructions, click here.

No special tools are required. You’ll need:

• Ladder

• Exacto Knife

A second set of hands is recommended, but not 100% necessary. We know many people who've installed our peel and stick by themselves.

Small spots or fingerprints can generally be wiped away with a damp cloth. Wipe away grease, water or other spills immediately.

Never use cleansers or products that contain bleach on the wallpaper, or abrasive pads, as scrubbing may scratch, tear or stretch the wallpaper.

Ready for a change? Start at one corner of your wallpaper and begin working that corner away from the wall with your fingers. Once you can get a good grip with both hands, just peel the entire strip off the wall. No steaming, scraping. And underneath? Your undamaged wall!

The truth? Peel and stick wallpaper is not designed to be reused and we can’t recommend it. We do know that it has been done but, in general, we have to say “don’t try this at home”.

Each roll of SmithHönig peel and stick wallpaper is 25" wide by 18' long.

Start by measuring your ceiling height. (The eighteen-foot roll length means rolls are most efficient for walls 9' and under.)

Once you have determined your ceiling height, measure and record the width of the walls you want to cover. Our wallpaper calculator can help, but not online calculator will be 100% accurate for your project, since every space - and pattern repeat - is different.

For rooms with taller ceilings - or to help you stay within a budget - consider installing wallpaper above a chair rail. You'll get maximum impact and minimal waste.

Absolutely. If you find that your project has unique challenges, we'll do our best to help. The best way to reach us is at

Opened rolls of wallpaper cannot be returned. We highly recommend ordering a sample pack prior to ordering your wallpaper. Your sample pack will include an 8.5" x 11" print of the pattern, to use for determinig scale, a 5" x 5" inch sample of the wallpaper itself, so that you can feel it and test the adhesive. This will give you the opportunity to feel the paper, review colors and finish, and test the adhesive. You will also receive additional tips and tricks for installation.

SmithHönig's peel and stick wallpaper is made of a high quality, eggshell-finished vinyl, printed with long-lasting UV inks and backed with low-tack adhesive.


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