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Please note that this calculator is for estimation purposes only. Like any online calculator, it cannot give you a 100% accurate count as to how many rolls your project will need. Variables like pattern repeats, ceiling height, number of doors and windows and the exact shape of your room will all affect your project.

During the planning phase, please carefully consider the following:

  • Note that each roll of SmithHönig wallpaper is 25 inches wide by 18 feet long. The pattern is designed for a "butt seam" application. This means that you will lay the second strip of wallpaper alongside the first one, butting the two pieces up side by side.
  • If your ceiling height is 9 feet or shorter, each roll of SmithHönig wallpaper will cover a total wall width of four feet. In other words, you'll cut our 18-foot roll in half and match up the pattern, which is designed to be used in exactly this way. Waste would only occur from areas where you cut around doors, windows, baseboards or angles.
  • If your ceiling height is above 9 feet, your calculations will be very different and you will end up with unused wallpaper on each roll. Your total number of required rolls will be higher – often doubled.
  • For higher ceilings, we can suggest a timelessly-elegant work-around! Consider installing trim or molding to create a chair rail (usually about three fee off the floor.) Paint the trim and the wall below it. Install wallpaper above. You'll need fewer rolls, and you'll create instant drama.
  • For complex projects, please feel free to email us at We'll do our best to help. Please include the measurements of your room in your initial email.
  • Still not sure? Consider contacting an interior designer or wallpaper installer before purchasing. They should be able to help you calculate your order.
  • And remember - any leftover wallpaper can be put to good use, too. Get creative!

Our peel and stick wallpaper is super easy to install and creates dramatic, long-lasting results with no commitment. Complete directions for installing can be seen here.

The most complex part of the process really is determining how much wallpaper you need. But you’ve got this - and we're here to help!

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