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What to Wear on the Plane for a Super Long Flight

What to Wear on the Plane for a Super Long Flight

I admit that I used to love to travel.

(Doesn’t that sound a bit strange, coming from a travel blogger?)

Honestly I just like being in a new place. The act of getting there is pretty much a ‘necessary evil’. Jaded? I’ don’t think so. But after years of doing what needs to be done, so that I can experience the beauty and magic of a new destination, I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

If you’re lucky enough to be headed out to a far-away destination, I’ve got you covered. Here are my personal tips on what to wear on that long-haul flight.

Just remember, there are three basic rules: 1) Keep it Simple, 2) Stay Comfortable and 3) Be Prepared. In the meantime, I’d still like to look good. Wouldn’t you?

So here’s what simple, comfortable and at least a little bit chic looks like to me. (The graphic shows a couple of options, plus the items I like to have in my carry on. Read on to find out why.)

Here's a Visual of What to Wear on a Long-Haul, Super Long Airplane Flight
Here’s a Visual of What to Wear on a Long-Haul, Super Long Airplane Flight

Please note that while this post contains affiliate links for which I might receive a small commission, I only recommend what I believe in.

1. Start with a Pair of Comfy Pants that Are Made for Travel

I like something soft, with a lot of give. Remember, you’re going to be wearing these for hours.

Skinny jeans with lots of stretch work. And believe it or not, I actually like these new, straight leg travel/yoga pants from Betabrand. Maybe you’re thinking “Yoga pants? Isn’t that the antithesis of style?” In this case – no – because they look decent, you can chic them up with some appropriate travel accessories and, most importantly, they really serve their purpose.

So if you are not one of those lucky few who get to change into cashmere pajamas in your own (first class) bedroom in the air – consider these.

Comfortable "Yoga Style" Pants made for Travel
Comfortable “Yoga Style” Pants by Betabrand that are Made for Travel

The seams in these pants are anatomically designed for comfort while you’re traveling, and they feature a hidden inner pocket that is the perfect size for a passport or extra cash. PLUS – they’re TSA friendly, since you won’t have to remove a belt in the security line. (That’s a bonus for you – AND all the people in line behind you!)

What to Wear on the Plane? These Comfy Travel Yoga Pants from Betabrand
What to Wear on the Plane? These Comfy Travel Yoga Pants from Betabrand

So get comfy – you’re definitely going to need it!

And by the way, if you think you might wear these travel/yoga pants, use my link and you can get $15 off!

The pants come in several colors – black, gray and plum – plus they’re adding new items all the time.

2. Now Add a Comfortable Top – with Short Sleeves

Why short sleeves (or no sleeves)? This is the layer you’ll be wearing when the temperature is hot or humid. When you reach your tropical destination for instance. Or when your plane gets stuck on the hot tarmac for an hour. Or when the sun is streaming through your airplane window…You get the picture.

You can safely bet that the temperature will change several times from departure gate to arrival. So. Layers are key.

Make sure this top is soft and moveable – and doesn’t have TOO much fabric. Extra material gets stuck under your butt when you’re wriggling around trying to find a comfy spot in your airplane seat – and that can make you feel like you’re choking! (Yep. It has happened to me.) Plus, you don’t want to be popping up and down, digging fabric out from under you and totally annoying those people sitting oh-so-close to you for hours.

So consider a comfortable tee-shirt or slightly drape-y top. I like it in white or light gray, slightly loose – but not TOO.

Here’s a great option from Free People:

And this one looks great, too. Basic, comfortable, simple. That’s what you want.

3. Next, You’ll Need a Top Layer

Pick a cute sweater, a long cardigan, a comfy sweatshirt or a jacket. This will depend on where you’re going (or where you’ve been), the weather, and your own preferences. I generally like something that opens in front, so I don’t have to pull it off over my head when I need to get back down to my lighter layer.

A cute, long drape-y sweater is nice. Or something in soft, sweatshirt material. You don’t want something too dressy or fussy. After all, you’re wearing yoga pants, remember?

This cute cardigan is less than $40 on Amazon and looks great. It comes in sizes S to 4XL.

4. Now Put on Some Comfy Shoes – that Slide Off Easily

First of all, there is no reason to be picking your way through the airport in sky-high Jimmy Choos. Even if you ARE a celebrity – and especially if you are not.

In general, I find this doesn’t look chic. It looks contrived. Don’t get me wrong. I love shoes. And I have some fabulous Jimmy stilettos. But I don’t need to pair them with my rolling carry-on bag. And if you seriously need every eye on you as you sashay through the airport, you are probably on the wrong blog.

Personally, I like something that I can slide in an out of easily in the security line. Sometimes I like a bit of a wedge heel, sometimes I like a closed-toe flat.

I love almost anything from Soludos. They’re comfy and super cute. And if you’re going somewhere tropical they’ll add style to your outfits throughout your stay. I especially like that you can fold down the back and wear as slides. Plus – TASSELS!

Or check out these velvet llama slippers from Soludos. (You had me at llama!)

These Soludos boots are a great option for winter travel.

Here are still more ideas for your feet that are easy to slide on and off, comfortable, and still stylish.

Shoe Options for Your Long-Haul Flight
Shoe Options for Your Long-Haul Flight

5. Consider Adding a Scarf

I always take a large scarf with me, as well. This can be lightweight, or thicker depending on the season. Even in summer I like to have that extra layer with me. Sometimes the plane is freezing in the summer, and that fuzzy, bandana-sized airplane blanket will not be enough to keep you warm.

Here’s one I like:

You can also roll your scarf up to use as an extra cushion, either on the plane or during a long airport layover. I’ve even tied one into a temporary “hobo sack”.

Plus, it can add a certain panache to your casual, comfy ensemble.

Here’s another good one:

6. A Cross Body Bag Works Great – Especially When Well-Stocked

I really like using a cross body bag when I travel. It makes it easy to access my tickets, passport, money, mints, lip gloss, etc., while leaving my hands free. Then, all I have to worry about is my rolling carry on bag. For that, I definitely prefer the Away Travel Carry On.

And what is in my purse? In addition to the obvious, I keep tissues (I could write several blog posts just on how handy these can be, especially when traveling to countries where toilet paper isn’t available in public restrooms!), hand sanitizer (I’m not a fanatic, but when traveling, I do like having it with me), etc.

7. BONUS: What Should Be in Your Carry-On?

Here are a few things I like to have with me, just in case my luggage gets lost somewhere over the Atlantic.

– Passport!

– Travel sized soap and grooming items

– Mini makeup pouch stocked with 4-5 tiny essentials

– A change of underwear

– Something to sleep in (if your luggage doesn’t make it before bedtime)

– Your iPad or Laptop with movies, games, books or magazines loaded

– Your phone with appropriate Sim card/s

– Headphones

– Hair brush

– Toothbrush/toothpaste

– Breath mints

– Wet Wipes and/or hand sanitizer

– Hand cream (flights can make you so dry)

– Refillable water bottle (passes through security AND helps cut down on waste)

– Cozy socks (for that arctic air that takes over airplane floors on some flights)

– Sunglasses

– Your contacts/solution if you use

– Hair ties

– A travel cushion (I hate the neck roll version, but some people swear by them)

Okay – that’s it. You are SO ready to go…

Have a great flight!

And if you think you might use this later, just click below to save it on Pinterest! Do you have any travel fashion tips to add?

Keep It Simple When You’ve Got a Long Flight Ahead of You – But Don’t Forget the Basics!

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