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Home Decor Trend Alert: Spin Art

Home Decor Trend Alert: Spin Art

If we learned anything in art class, it’s that colors are your friend. Now that we’re all grown up, we’ve believe it more than ever. We adore how colors can set a mood and brighten a room, but mostly, we’re big fans of using colors all together like these art pieces inspired by classic spin art online!

First of all, the process FUN! Second, it’s like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates—you never know what you’re gonna get! The spin art process makes for quirky, intricate, uncertain design patterns that are intriguing and guaranteed to bring life into your home. Scroll down to see how!

Transform your room with these art pieces inspired by spin art.

1. Splatter with Plush

This dark room with minimal light is strangely upbeat and quirky thanks to the plush pillows and prints spread all across the room. Commanding the wall opposite the window is some spin art on canvas, and we love how the light bounces off its big green center to set the mood of the room. The room color says serious, but the decor says otherwise. Guess who won that battle?

2. Fun Timekeepers

Clocks are tricky because they seem like watchdogs of your day, constantly telling you it’s time to move and do something. Honestly, we’ll take a non-threatening clock any day, and our pick is this fun spin art round clock with painted numbers and an acrylic dial.

The color mix and pendulum make this little thing super cute? It reminds us of Kenyan Samburu women’s bright bead collars and brass earrings. We’d love to talk more about it but, tick-tock, time’s a-wasting!

3. Splatter Bowls

Solid-hued bowls are great, but wouldn’t it be more fun to have these splatter bowls laid out on the table? They’re good for anything—soup, salad,—heck, they’ll be happy to sit on your landing strip to hold your keys and coins and old theatre tickets.

Whatever you choose to do with them, they’ll end up looking so grand they may never see the inside of a cabinet. Admit it, you’re thinking about copping this five-piece set right here. We don’t blame you.

4. Spun Walls and Pillows

Brace yourself, because your inner bohemian is about to freak. We’ve found the perfect pillows to match your macrame-framed window. We’re already thinking of rooms to make the Shankar Spin Linen Pillows right at home—cozy in a leather chair in our reading nook, or perhaps on a desk chair in our office, to remind us to have some fun once in a while.

We love a little bit of rock and roll decor and we’re not afraid to show it. Now, all we need is an industrial-style loft, and we’re set to hang this Juju Blue metal wall art too!

5. Spinning Floor (Rug)

Okay, it’s not really a spinning floor, but a spin rug. We are obsessed with this hand-tufted rug in pure wool that announces itself in a space with a bursting of colors. The spin makes it seem like the colors are coming right at you, and it’ll be a piece that sparks conversations for sure.

6. Spin and Bathe

We’re not sure if this tub is functional, but we don’t think that matters! It’s so bizarre and gaudy, it makes us want to bathe in it every day. We imagine coming home and drawing up a bath and just enjoying our artsy tub that is way better than a regular one if we’re being honest. The metalwork legs add to the stateliness of this work of art, and we think it was perfectly well done.

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