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When Punk Meets Boho

Rock n’ roll and , and paired with the happy-go-lucky vibe of boho, you can tell why we are absolutely in love with this look.

Punk Bohemian: A mix-match made in heaven.

The mixture of the hardness of industrial style with the softness of bohemian fabrics gives way to a chicness beyond words. With the seriousness of metal, wood, and brick juxtaposed with carefree textiles of lace, knits, and lots of fabric—it’s a mix-match made in heaven.

Check out these punk bohemian room decorating ideas!

1. Say It With Graffitti

Love how the street is introduced in Melanie’s room, starting with that sahara-painted leather couch. (Go wild on ideas with more art on leather here.) Caught between peeks of the beatnik in the shelf and the framed graffitti art, the most unexpected boho-est decor of the room award goes to—the spray-paint-inspired couch. What a punky creative way of introducing street art at home!

2. (S)punky Denim

Denim is classic, period. Everyone looks good in denim jeans, yes, even couches. We love the outdoorsy, rebellious vibe in this living room created by pairing this upcycled table with a worn denim couch. Check out this post, where you’ll see more ways to use denim in your decor. If we’re being honest, the couch is so nonchalantly stylish, that it is impossible to resist the invitation to lounge.

3. Pretty Moody

Punk fashion is known for its unusual spins, like pairing pretty and delicate with something more rugged. In decor, the quickest way to marry punk and boho styles is through prints—and we suggest this fab find from Boho Luxe Home. This Bryony Storm Wallcover is dark and moody with pops of purple and pink. Plus, it’s inspired by the rain and fog in Britain, one of the homes of the Punk Rock movement.

4. Rebel Sentinel

How about having a photo of a real-life punk in your home? Word to the wise: this rebel sentinel on an acrylic block is not cool with sharing shelf space, so give her an unconventional home away from other things that can distract from her beauty. Maybe she’ll like a place near your macrame window or by some non-threatening plants. (wink!)

5. Bay Window Games

We love the mix of texture in this cafe in Turkey. The hardness of the unfinished concrete wall with the reclaimed wood accents right next to the bay window plays a stark contrast to the softness of the pillows and cushions. The mirrors on the wall are also designed so they look kind of dangerous and shard-y. But isn’t it a nice, comfy place to have brunch in?

6. Greens and Hanging Lights

Image Credit: Festoon House Lighting

What’s punk without some irregularity and boho without some things swaying in the wind? We just can’t get enough of this ingenious way of mixing industrial lights and philodendrons in hanging planters. It’s anything but cookie-cutter, and the punk gypsy in us is absolutely swooning over it!

We hope you loved these punk Bohemian room decorating ideas as much as we do.

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