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How To Use Animal Prints To Bring Color To Your Home

Moxie Design

So why did we name our newest collection of animal print peel and stick wallpaper, pillows and fabric “Moxie”?

If we say someone has ‘moxie’ it means they’re bold and adventurous. They’re cheerful and full of energy, moving through life with a larger-than-life stride. You can see moxie coming from a mile away, and you can’t help but smile wide.

And so Moxie is the perfect name for our newest collection of fabrics, wallpaper, pillows and trim in a debut color way of lavender and teal, all featuring a large-scale watercolor zebra. (Yes, her name’s Moxie, too.).

Now, you don’t need us to tell you that animal prints are having a moment. (A decade? A Century?) They’ve been around in their natural form longer than any other pattern. Animal prints are a go-to inspiration for both the interior design and fashion worlds. In fact, insome cases, animals prints could almost be called neutrals, since they’re so spectacularly ubiquitous. A cool colored leopard print is basically beige, right? It goes with everything, whether it's your OOTD or you living room!

Animal prints perfectly translate into classic, modern, preppy – even a coastal aesthetic – whether making a dominant statement on their own or acting as a bridge to other patterns.

We’re thrilled to present our newest version of animal print home decor, in unexpected shades and combinations. We knew we had to honor the design legacy of animal prints, plus push as hard as we could into color and movement, giving the standard zebra print an upgrade that is true to our celebration of maximalist design.

Ta-da! Meet Moxie.

We think the wait was worth it.

Two Colorways in our NEW Animal Print Collection

In addition to the wallpaper, fabric and trim that anchors this collection, we’re delighted to offer coordinates we feel make the Moxie experience as bold and adventurous as the name promises:

Fancy Pants: This is a coordinating leopard print that’s somewhat masculine, but also a bit of a fashion plate, so we named the color ways Beau and Bob. Beau—for the famous English dandy, Beau Brummel—and Bob, because it’s a cat (Get it? Bobcat? Ha!) Obviously, we had some fun with all of this.

SmithHönig Animal Print Designs Are Timeless

Animal prints are always a mix of timeless and trendy, and by mixing up the colors and patterns, we took this traditional print and made it 100% on-trend. Our Moxie zebra print isn’t a fad, it’s a fixture.

And we absolutely love this initial Moxie colorway of lavender and teal. It feels so ‘right now.’ This color palette is grounded in many worlds. It’s current and modern, yet, due to the subtlety of the depth of colors, it feels old world and worn with time (and love).

Moxie Design

Moxie also works great with Vintage Gypsum, a textile that captures the look of centuries of peeling plaster on an ancient wall in Italy, layered with painted brush strokes and random stipples of color. We told you she’s versatile!

Thanks to its timeless aesthetic roots, the Moxie collection can be used in a multitude of ways. With elements that can go both masculine and feminine, it’s unpredictably satisfying; trendy and traditional, playful and classic, ethereal and dramatic – all depending on which coordinates you choose.

And there are so many rooms where it makes amazing sense. It could be the focal point in a globally-inspired nursery. It would be great in a powder room or a laundry room. What about the feature wall in a library? We would love to see it in a young person’s room, because it’s sophisticated enough to grow with them but not something that would feel too mature for them now.

Animal print mood board for a nursery

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