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2015 - Travel by the Numbers

2015 - Travel by the Numbers

Happy New Year, Ya’ll!

Mr. H and I had a fabulous holiday season with family and friends. We hosted three dinner parties for 12 at our home (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hannukah). We hosted a pajama party for 13 kids, too.

We got to co-host a Mad Men style New Year’s Eve party at Case de Locos, the super glamorous mid-century home of designer Kellie Smith. That was fun!


And after it was all over,Mr. H and I sat back, put our feet up and started reviewing the year that was.

He’s a big-time numbers guy, my husband. He loves doing an end of year tally.

And it’s fun to sit together on the couch and reminisce about all the things we did.

So without further ado, here’s our “Annual Report” for 2015.

Looking back, the number 1 defining moment of 2015, was the loss of my lovely mother last January.

Nothing adequately prepares you for a parent’s death, even when you know its coming.

My mother was the very definition of love, and she is missed by many.

Back Roads - Road Trip
Back Roads – Road Trip

Both my parents loved road trips – we used to head out somewhere together almost every weekend when I was a kid.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy my time on the road with Mr. H so much.

The Great American Road Trip 2015

1.000 miles – That’s the total number of miles Mr. H and I traveled on the back roads of America last year. Our 2016 numbers are lower than usual, and we logged most of them in California. (It’s a big state and we tend to wander!)

19,000 miles – The number of miles we’ve traveled over the entire two and a half years of progressively roaming the US . So far we’ve covered 29 states in the car we started out in, without it returning home. (We’ve visited other states as well, but not as part of this particular trek.)

21 – The number of days we spent on the open road last year

4 – The number of flights involved in getting us back and forth to our trusty Lincoln MKX (which is now parked somewhere in Southern California awaiting our return).

1 – The number of times we had to call a lock smith, because we forgot to bring the car key with us on the flight!

(yep. that happened.)

Road Trip, with Camel Crossing
Road Trip, with Camel Crossing

The Rest of Our Travels

55,000– The number of international miles Mr. H traveled in 2015

33,000 – The number of international miles I traveled in 2015

147 – The total number of days Mr. H spent away from home

121 – The total number of days I spent away from home

9 – The number of festivals, events or performances we managed to attend while traveling

5,313 – number of photographs I took while traveling


3 – number of household appliances that decided to break down during our time at home

2 – number of times my dining room got re-painted

Starting the Mural in the Dining Room
Starting the Mural in the Dining Room

8 – number of travel souvenirs we needed to find a home for

And…(drumroll, please)….

The total number of times we were happy to sleep in our own bed?

Every single time we did it!

Travel Agency in Venice
Travel Agency in Venice

Here’s Wishing You Happy Travels in 2016!

Happy New Year, All!

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