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Shar Sheeba Wool Tassels


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Camel Tassels Handmade by Bedouin Women

Hand-Spun, Hand-Dyed Natural Sheep’s Wool

Natural sheep’s wool, hand-spun and twisted, hand-dyed and crafted by Bedouin women in the Negev Desert, these tassels are traditionally used as decoration on camel bridles. They will add a unique touch of color to an armoire, a doorknob or a wall. Proceeds from the sale of these tassels help empower and educate village women.

Yarn colors will vary due to the handmade nature. (Sorry, we can’t guarantee the color combination.) Your shar sheeba will be a unique piece, hand selected from available inventory.

Six tassels per shar sheeba. Overall length is approximately 16″-17″.


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