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How to Install Peel & Stick Wallpaper

SmithHönig's Peel & Stick Wallpaper goes up easily, with no mess. You can hire someone to install it, or you can do it yourself. For DIY, it helps to have a friend available to help, but in a pinch, you can actually install it all by yourself!

What you’ll need:

  • a ladder
  • a sharp blade (such as an Exacto)

Not the DIY type? Any wallpaper installer or handyman should be able to help.

A detailed copy of the instructions will also be included with your shipment.

  1. First inspect your walls. Check for bumps, indentations, imperfections or uneven paint. For best results make sure your walls are smooth and painted with a gloss or semigloss paint. (DON'T install immediately after painting. Give your walls at least three weeks to 'cure' before installing the wallpaper.
  2. To start hanging, begin in the least conspicuous corner of your room. (We usually start at the top left edge of the first project wall, and our instructions are written accordingly.) Using the ladder, hold the top edge of the wallpaper against the edge where the wall and ceiling meet, in the top left corner of the (first) project wall. You're not sticking it down yet - just checking that the wallpaper lines up neatly against the wall to the side.
  3. Now, place your first roll of wallpaper on the floor, against the wall, with the wallpaper design facing away from the wall.
  4. Go back up the ladder, pulling the top edge of the paper with you, the backing still in place. Allow the rest of the paper to unroll as you go. At the top, peel ONLY the first 6 inches of backing away from the wallpaper roll. Don’t remove any more backing just yet.
  5. Gently place the sticky side of the wallpaper onto the wall with the top edge of the wallpaper aligned next to your ceiling and the left edge of the wallpaper aligned in the corner of the room.
  6. If at first you don’t get the wallpaper placed exactly straight, don’t worry. Peel & Stick Wallpaper is somewhat repositionable. Very gently pull it away from the wall and place it again, being extra careful not to stretch the material.
  7. Once the wallpaper is properly aligned, you can now press the sticky surface firmly to the wall, working your way from the center out to the two edges of the wallpaper, so that any trapped air bubbles get pushed out to the edges.
  8. Next, gently pull the backing down another 2 feet. Press the wallpaper down as you move down the wall in 2-foot increments.
  9. Always press the wallpaper down in a concave arch, starting in the center and working your way out each time to push any bubbles to the outer edges.
  10. Continue unrolling in 2 foot increments and pressing down, until the wallpaper reaches the floor or baseboard.
  11. Use your sharp blade to cut off the excess paper.
  12. Repeat these steps with the next piece of wallpaper, lining up the pattern prior to smoothing the bubbles out. (You may have to trim a bit at the top and/or bottom of your paper, depending on your wall height.) Repeat these steps until you finish your project.
  13. Voila! Enjoy your handiwork – and that luscious SmithHönig wallpaper!


If you plan to install peel and stick wallpaper on your ceiling – which looks awesome by the way – please note that you will need to use a little glue. The weight of the paper itself – and that little thing called gravity – will cause the wall covering to fall, if you don't. We suggest drops of glue at the corners and seams.


Leftover wallpaper can be used for stylish DIY projects. Try covering old books, or lining the back of a bookcase. Use your imagination! Then show us your style!


Tag @smithhonig on Instagram and use the hashtag #shopsmithhonig for a chance to have your project featured. We can’t wait to see!

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