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Windsor Preps for the Royal Wedding - and We Spot Prince Harry!

While I’d love to be at the Royal Wedding tomorrow morning – (I’m sure my invite is just delayed!) – even a dedicated travel blogger can’t be everywhere.

So I’m relying on our Roving Reporter on the ground in Windsor, for updates on all the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle madness!

As a lark, Gaezie’s been wandering through Windsor for the past few days and sending updates as the city preps for wedding fever. She’s even managed to get up close and personal with Prince Harry!

She lives nearby and, like many locals, is finding the build-up bemusing – as well as exciting! She’s also managed to hear a LOT of gossip along the way!

Signage has been up on the motorways outside of Windsor for a while, of course . But the roads around Windsor Castle will officially close at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Flags and bunting have been hung. But the streets that were fairly calm a few days ago…

…are filling up with well-wishers and Royal super fans!

This is Royal Wedding Fever at its Finest

Lorries have been delivering barricades, wiring, water and more…

It’s most definitely a festival!

Every pub, news stand, gift shop and corner store is offering souvenirs, special drinks and, of course, patriotic regalia.

These guys have even managed to commandeer a signpost and turn it into a souvenir shop!

Of course, the media is EVERYWHERE! Rumor has it that CNN arrived a bit late and missed the first photo op!

And everyone is looking for a different angle. This television crew is circling the area in a horse-drawn carriage.

Overheard as they passed…

Cameraman: “We’re not going live yet, so let’s do another rehearsal”

On-Air-Reporter: “How do I look? Hot? Perspiring? Hair? Makeup?”

Cameraman: “You’ll do.”

On-Air-Reporter: “I need to look better than that!”

Here’s a glimpse of the long path the newly married couple will take on their way to the Queen’s lunch reception after the wedding.

Gaezie has managed to pick up some gossip on wedding attendees, too.

It seems Angelina Jolie, who is in the area filming, will be attending, as will George and Amal Clooney, who have a home nearby.

But everyone on the ground seems just as excited about the event as if they were wearing morning suits and fascinators themselves!

And most importantly, Prince Harry himself did not disappoint!

The soon-to-be ex-bachelor greeted the crowds with his brother Prince William in tow.

And our Roving Reporter got up close and personal!

The Princes will spend the evening in Coworth Park in Ascot, now a Dorchester Hotel, which is also where, as boys, they used to fly in by chopper with their father for polo weekends.

I love a good fairy tale and a royal wedding is always fun.

Royal or not – romance should always be celebrated! Don’t you agree?

Goodnight from Windsor!

And special thanks to my friend and fellow designer Gae Whelan of GW Homes by Dezign for sharing her pix! If you are looking to redo or build a home in Britain, give her a shout!

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