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Unexpected Ways to Make a Big Impact in your Home using SmithHönig Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Unexpected Ways to Make a Big Impact in your Home using SmithHönig Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Wallpaper is having a major moment. As far as we’re concerned, it never went away, however, we are seeing all kinds of new bold and bright prints that we adore. And applying wallpaper in unexpected places, like a feature wall, closet, or pantry is emerging as a trend, too. Which means you can have a big impact, without using a lot of product.

Unique wallpapers with touches of whimsy are surprising guests from the moment they hang their coats to when they drop their luggage in the guest bedroom. People are allowing themselves to get a little bolder and more adventurous with their choices and how they use wallpaper in their home. As maximalists - and wallpaper designers - we can’t get enough of it, of course! Just look at the surprising unexpected ways our stylish friends designed their spaces using SmithHönig!

Big Style in A Small Space

Fellow lover of color, eclectic glam and wallpaper, Jewel Marlowe of Jeweled Interiors, is making over every corner of her 1990’s Northern Virginia colonial. As a military spouse—and having moved thirteen times in nineteen years—Marlowe is no stranger to rethinking a space and tackling those DIY projects. And she’s hands-on from head to toe, often showing her Instagram fans how to upholster a sofa and hang peel and stick wallpaper with ease.

Marlowe believes that design should be a fun and a soulful representation of our lives. 

“Home has always been more about the people who live there than a physical location,” said Marlowe. “However, after so many different locations it has been a dream to personalize a home one room at a time to reflect our lives, personalities, preferences and styles. At this point we have knocked out all of the major rooms and have turned our focus to smaller spaces.”

In the past two years, she’s finished many of the rooms in her home—including the major task of renovating a kitchen, living room, and eat-in area in less than 6 weeks. The recent ‘stay at home’ lifestyle many of us are living has given her some time to rethink additional areas in her home.

“Quarantine gave me time to think through how we use our home, and consider what works for us and what doesn’t,” said Marlowe. “ That was when I realized that this small hall closet was not working for our family of six.”

Easily add an unexpected, unique surprise to your home’s spaces with SmithHönig peel & stick wallpaper. Read about how our stylish friends designed their spaces with SmithHönig.

A before of Marlowe’s hall closet, used to store coats, shoes and kids backpacks.

She started by emptying the closet and sorting and donating the outgrown coats and shoes that were hidden in the depths. Then she built a custom shoe cubby, gleefully moved the kids’ backpacks to their bedrooms, and stored their out-of-season coats. With the closet cleaned out, the next phase of the makeover was purely aesthetic.

“This closet held a decade of scuffs and bumps since its last coat of paint,” said Marlowe “ Rather than just repainting it, I thought a little wallpaper would really dress it up. Man, I was so right.”

A custom shoe cubby, a fresh coat of paint and peel & stick wallpaper were used to dress up this functional space.

Marlowe chose our new Ravenswood wallpaper in Dream to bring some drama to the space. This pattern is our take on what you might find hiding deep within the grand country manor of an eccentric woman from somewhere-Shire, England. It has irreverence and a sense of adventure while still being deeply rooted in the past.

“I love the scale of the Ravenswood wallpaper,” said Marlowe. “It is large enough to make a statement, yet still workable in a small space.”

With the unexpected addition of wallpaper, this storage space became a stylish showcase. Our watercolor ravens and foliage turn an unassuming hall closet into the equivalent of a jewelry box surprise hidden inside.

“What I love about this closet makeover is the unexpected element,” said Marlowe. “I sometimes forget that I’ve wallpapered, and then am pleasantly surprised when I open the door.”

Easily add an unexpected, unique surprise to your home’s spaces with SmithHönig peel & stick wallpaper. Read about how our stylish friends designed their spaces with SmithHönig.

Show-Stopper Shelving

Marlowe isn’t the only one getting creative with our wallpaper in often overlooked spaces: Houston-based interior designer Emily June Spanos recently used our Moroccan Knot wallpaper in a kitchen pantry makeover for a client.

“This wallpaper is the centerpiece of the pantry,” said Emily June. “My clients and I loved the kaleidoscope pattern. The pattern and color will truly make this little space the jewel box of the kitchen.”

Spanos’ goal is to create rooms alive with personality and with all signs of boring, safe beige banished. Featuring SmithHönig’s Moroccan Knot wallpaper and Shibori Indigo Wanderer Tote with a Multicolored Handmade Tassel.

Spanos recommends wallpapering an accent wall or even the back of built-in shelving, the front of a dresser or nightstand to add show-stopping appeal. She’s a big fan of peel-and-stick wallpaper, so that no installer is required to make a big impact. After all, when you’re creating a home that you’ll love for a long time, it’s all about the details.

Moroccan Knot is a classic Moorish motif awash in fresh color, for a look that transcends any trend.

“You would be surprised how much of a difference some bold wallpaper will make in that linen closet or laundry room of yours,” said Emily June.

Read more about this pantry party here.

Feature Wall Drama

If you’re more of a “go big” decorator (we feel you), then check out how Sarisa “Risi” Munoz, the Insta-famous creative guru behind The Indigo Leopard Home, used our Shibori Indigo wallpaper to create a feature wall in her home.

“I think adding in this feature wall really upped the overall glam of the room,” said Munoz. “I’m amazed by how beautifully it pulled everything together.”

Munoz has an eye for pulling spaces together, using her honed ‘anything goes’ approach.

“If I like it, I buy it and find a way to mix it in,” said Munoz. “Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s so fun finding that items that don’t necessarily ‘go’ together can actually create a harmonious, eclectic space.”

Discover the full makeover here.

DIY with SmithHönig’s peel and stick wallpaper. It’s commitment-free, with no residue or damage to walls when removed.

We were never ones to keep up with the Joneses (honestly, we think they may be trying to keep up with us) but we love seeing how people are utilizing wallpaper now that it’s back on-trend. As maximalists, we’ve always appreciated the drama it brings. Our crystal ball remains packed away, but we don’t need to get it out to see that wallpaper is an interior trend that is growing.

Easily add an unexpected, unique surprise to all your spaces with SmithHönig peel & stick wallpaper. Shop our collection and create your own show-stopper.

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