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Throw It On: Printed Pillows To Make Your Space YOURS

Throw It On:  Printed Pillows To Make Your Space YOURS

One of the beliefs that we hold most fiercely, honestly maybe even THE belief we hold most fiercely, is that your home should be a reflection of you. There are many ways you can bring your style to your space, and we’re fans of them all, but we love how easy it is to add fun and color with print pillows. You find a patterned pillow you love, toss it on your sofa or chair and ta-da, instant style.

Now, to be clear, we don’t think of these as “just” pillows—they’re works of art. Featuring our own exclusive prints or handmade from vintage textiles, you won’t find throw pillows like these anywhere else.

Our Villa Verona Print Pillow adds a perfect amount of color and design to a neutral space.

Like everything in the SmithHönig collection, our print pillows are inspired by far off places and far flung color combos. They’re made of high quality velvet with a slight shimmer that gives them a super luxe feel. Each one has a different wanderlust-worthy inspiration and story. We’re created them to give you a simple way to add eclectic accents to your home mix. Our pillows come in 14″ x 20″ rectangular lumbar sizes as well as in 18” squares.

Add a pop of color and print to your space with our zebra patterned African Paint Pillow.

While the prints are each so special to us, for obvious reasons, the inside is also a favourite feature. Our pillows feature luxurious vegan inserts, and when we say “luxurious” we mean it. They are so weighty and fluffy they can take a designer “karate chop” just like their goose down counterparts—but these are 100% cruelty free.

We know not everyone is as color-obsessed as we are, so let’s take a look at how patterns and prints add drama to a neutral space. A neutral backdrop, like a sofa or chair, allows bold details and colors to live harmoniously together. Just a pair of pillows in a wonderful shade can add a burst of life to any room.

Here are a couple of our favourite ways to add rich and lively color and print to your neutral living spaces:

Get A Little Wild

Our Sebra Stripe Pillows add the perfect pop of color to Tiffany Browns of My Eclectic Nest’s living room.

Select an animal inspired print you love, like our Sebra Stripe and pile it on! The magnetism of the print—in its unconventional colorway—gets a nearly traditional feel when placed in an orderly pair in Tiffany B of My Eclectic Nest’s living room.. And if you can’t get enough of the print, don’t forget that it coordinates with other pieces in our Sebra Stripe home collection, including Acrylic Art Block and Metal Art.

Those Pops of Color

Hilary Prall Design Co. layered her home with our Thread Bare indoor pillow and Luxe golden velvet pillow.

Hilary Prall, designer at Hilary Prall and Co., has a house with an all white paint scheme, so she is able to play with many different colors in her decor. In this snap, she layered in our Thread Bare and Luxe Golden Velvet pillow in with her existing, colorful decor – including turquoise cabinetry. Her neutral walls allowed her to move these pillows into her mudroom and master bedroom with ease. We love how a pillow, or two, can totally play up the drama and color in a space!

More Is More

Select a color you love, like the pink-orange of our Obi Roses Coral and pair it with a pillow on the opposite end of the color wheel, like Neela Blue, for a rich and lively style that isn’t so matchy-matchy. Mix it up and make it your own, like interior stylist Kathy of Up To Date Interiors did when bringing bright color to her windowless office space.

Color Confidence

This mix is for the brave and the bold, or at least those who yearn to be. Leave no hue behind, just pile them on in a joyful riot of shades and prints. Layer, layer, layer until the space feels purposefully energized. Transform with bold blocks of print and daring hues. It’s high style for high spirits.

Dressing your home should be a joy not a stress. We know that when it comes to decorating with throw pillows, there are all of these rules and formulas out there around pillow mixing and matching – odd numbered pillows look more modern, don’t crowd the seat, on and on —as usual, we say screw the rules. Just pick pillows you love and don’t worry about whether or not they “go” with your room. Don’t play it safe with only solid-color pillows—or limit yourself with the set that came with your sofa. Pillows are one of the easiest pieces to be brave with. Don’t sell your style instincts short. And most importantly, have FUN!

For a limited time, we are offering 20% savings on our printed pillows. Now is a perfect time to stock up and customize your home with luxurious patterns and color!

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