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Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Books & Stylish Reads

Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Books & Stylish Reads
Welcome to Cyber Monday! Here's your gift guide for stylish book lovers including travel books and more.
Welcome to Cyber Monday! Here’s your gift guide for stylish book lovers including travel books and more.
I have too many books…said no one in my family, ever!
Yes, they are taking over every room in the house. Even in the actual library, I’ve started to run out of space. But that does not mean I have too many!
holiday gift guide
In the living room, the stacks have started doubling as extra cocktail tables – and I have loads of them near the tub, too, so I can combine two of my favorite things – books and baths.

The library has lots of books, but they've started taking over the other rooms, too! (Yay!)
My library has lots of books, but they’ve started taking over other rooms, too! And I’m definitely okay with that!
holiday gift guide
In my family, at Christmas we have to insure that all books are unwrapped last. Otherwise we become very anti-social – each of us in our own corner happily reading whatever was most recently gifted.
travel books

And when it comes to gift guides, we all inevitably turn to books.

gift guide book lover
Here’s a list of some of my favorite, highly-gift-able books on travel, decor and style. They’re filled with amazing images and smart copy – so even those less-than-avid literature fans on your list will enjoy them.
gifts for travelers
Read along…

Gift ideas for Book Lovers

1. Africa by Michael Poliza

Let’s start this gift guide with a modern classic. World-renowned photographer Michael Poliza’s best-selling book, Africa was originally published in 2006. This gorgeous book has been re-released in a smaller format, hardcover edition. This is a truly stunning collection of photographs that captures Africa’s elegant natural beauty and animal life. This is a great gift idea for someone who has been to Africa and loved it – someone who wants to go – or for any aspiring photographer.
Stunning Travel Photos from Africa
Stunning Travel Photos from Africa by Michael Poliza

Books for Photography Lovers

2. Venice: Recipes Lost and Found by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi

Next, here’s a book for the kitchen – a collection of Venetian recipes and stunning travel photos called Venice: Recipes Lost and Found. This is not “Italian” food – this is the food of Venice which is something else entirely. From San Marco to the old Jewish area, Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi share recipes lost and found. Any cook on your Christmas list will enjoy discovering the traditional Venetian pasta, bigoli, served with fresh fish salsa, for instance. This cookbook will transport you to Italy with every page turned.
Cookbook Gifts for Cooks

3. The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney

In The New Bohemians, LA-based designer Justina Blakeney focuses on creative individuals like boutique owners and bloggers, entrepreneurs and ex-pats, artists and urban farmers. They all embrace a free-spirited, no-rules lifestyles and apply that attitude to their homes as well. The New Bohemians explores 20 homes located primarily on the East and West coasts. Each is accompanied by an Adopt-an-Idea section that offers general decor, styling, and shopping tips.
Holiday Gift Guide: My Favorite Stylish Travel Books

The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes

Boho Chic Gift Guide

4. The Gypset Trilogy by Julia Chaplin

If you read the blog regularly, you know I love the “gypset” concept. Fusing the carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set, gypsetters are artists, surfers, designers, and bons vivants who live and work around the world, from Kenya and Uruguay to Ibiza and the Aeolian Islands. With gorgeous photography and fascinating first-person anecdotes, Gypset Style (2009), Gypset Travel (2012), and Gypset Living (2014) compose a perfect trilogy of exploration into the unconventional wanderlust-filled lives of some global bohemian nomads. You can purchase individually, but the three-box set in its colorful slipcase is dramatically gift-y!

Holiday Gift Guide: My Favorite Stylish Travel Books

Gypset Trilogy Slipcase Set

Gifts for World Travelers and Fashionistas

5. The Selby is in Your Place by Todd Selby

The Selby is in Your Place was conceived when fashion and interiors photographer Todd Selby began taking portraits of dynamic and creative people—authors, musicians, artists, and designers—in their home environments and posting them on his web site. Nosy by nature, he wanted to see how personal style was reflected in private spaces. Those featured include Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, Faris Rotter, Andre Walker and Olivier Zahm, in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and London.

Holiday Gift Guide: My Favorite Stylish Travel Books

The Selby is in Your Place

Interior Design Books

6. Nomad by Sibella Court

Nomad is an eclectic, cloth-covered style guide by designer Sibella Court. She explores far-flung destinations and captures the essence of each in small details, exotic color palettes, exquisite textures, and traditional crafts. Along the way, she shows readers how to incorporate these elements into interiors and how to replicate the ideas in their own spaces. This one is another option for appealing to both your sense of style and your sense of wanderlust. (Perfect!)


Nomad: A Global Approach to Interior Style

Books to Inspire Wanderlust

7. Gypsy by Sibella Court

Another of Sibella Court’s books, this one is filled with dazzling patterns, gorgeous layouts, and eye-catching designs, Gypsy encourages you to use all five senses to draw artistic inspiration from the world around you. Sibella teaches how to take pieces bought or seen on your own travels and use them to fashion unique spaces full of color, texture, imagination, and meaning. She also emphasizes the importance of scents, reminding how fragrances can help transport you to places you’ve been—or dream of going.


Gypsy: A World of Colour & Interiors

Je Suis Paris We are all Paris Remembering Paris Peace for Paris

8. How to Be Parisian by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline di Maigret and Sophie Mas

From four stunning and accomplished French women — here is a fresh take on what it really means to be a Parisienne: how they dress, entertain, have fun and attempt to behave themselves. Any time is the right time to celebrate Paris and all that it means to be French – and this book makes a great gift for your favorite fashionista or Francophile.


How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits

Travel Book Coffee Table Book Gift

10. In the Spirit of Capri by Pamela Fiori

The island of Capri is one of the worlds chicest destinations. It’s where well-tanned Italians share the island’s beauty with celebrities, socialites and lovers of the sea. Limoncello, the native digestivo, and to those famous Capri pants, the bright turquoise jewelry and those bejeweled sandals – this is the glamour of Capri. And it’s all captured in one stunning coffee table book called In the Spirit of Capri.

(Bonus tip for any billionaires reading my blog right now: wrap this book up with a bottle of limoncello and a plane ticket! He-he-he!)


In the Spirit of Capri

Happy reading – I hope you found one you like!

Book Gift Ideas

Do you have any of these already? Let me know what you think.


Please note that all links provided in this post are affiliate links. I’ve set up associations with selected gift providers which means I may receive a small commission (Yay me!) if you purchase, although you won’t pay one red cent more. (Yay you!) That’s how I support my travel habit and this blog, so thanks a bunch!

And rest assured that I only recommend items I love and enjoy myself.

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Great Holiday Gifts for Stylish Book Lovers
Great Holiday Gifts for Stylish Book Lovers

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