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Unexpected Art Ideas For Your Home

Unexpected Art Ideas For Your Home

When it comes to art, here’s to thinking outside the frame…

Explore these curated art ideas and get some tips on how you can infuse art into your space while designing your home.

Colors and Patterns

Whether you choose turquoise or Chinese red, color can make or break a space. Why not choose art with a strong color scheme as well? Whether you’re a professional designer or simply working on making your own home beautiful, get started by choosing the right palette. Here’s a showcase of colorful front doors to inspire your color choices. Don’t be afraid of color – use it in small, bright pops or go really wild and layer it on! (Kellie even spray painted her sofa!)

When it comes to pattern, we say anything goes there, as well. Layer it up! We love it all. For inspiration, take a look at these intriguing pieces of fabric, this beautiful terrazzo floor or these Moorish columns. You know what never goes out of style? Travel-inspired artwork and surface patterns, which means you can enjoy that late summer music festival or coastal road trip and find pieces along the way that’ll add a sophisticated hippie vibe to your room.


Find inspiration from photographs – either iconic works of photographic art or your own insta-photos. If you’re making your own, look for interesting reflections, cityscapes, country vistas. See how different the world looks when you change perspective. Look for that artistic moment – in the way your food looks on the table, how the weather changes your mood of the unique interactions between friends and family. Snap a pic, edit it and hang it on your wall!

Architectural Elements

The architecture and interiors we discover as we travel is a huge source of inspiration for us. We love the idea of bringing home unique bits and bobs – a broken cornice to sit on your bookcase, for instance. Alternatively, find (or take) some photographs of the interiors you visit or focus in on a unique architectural detail. designing your living room, home library, and even finding the best home decor deals in our home city of Atlanta. We walk you through a front door and features on a Home of the Year that will satisfy your design thirst.

Fashion and Textile Arts

We are obsessed with textile art! This genre has gone from high art to accessible craft in recent times. Take a look at Toran, what used to be only available from exotic tribes in the far-flung region, can now be seen inside present-day homes. View inspiring ways to use denim in your décor and update a space. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get a crash course on making your own fabric! Discover artsy fabrics and find new uses for this ever-changing craft.

Get style inspirations, season trends, luggage checklist, travel tips, and everything in-between from this collection of travel & fashion articles. They say fashion and art go hand-in-hand as many designers look to artists for inspiration. Feast your eyes in the visual culture of fashion and art as we cover stylish fans and travel scarves.


Join us as we delve into our fascination with sculpture and statuary in our travels to beautiful places of France, Canada, and Florence. Get portrait inspiration from steel and marble works of art for your travel photographs. Find amazing pieces in their natural habitat of libraries, gardens, and topiaries, or on the city streets.

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