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13 Dark Rooms That Aren't At All Scary

Dark paint sometimes gets a bad rep that it makes a space dingy and unpleasant. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! When done right, dark-painted rooms can be homey, relaxing, and absolutely luxurious. Peep our collection of dark room ideas, but be warned, after this you might want have the sudden urge to color your walls with some slightly charcoal-ly shades.

1. This Icelandic Living Room

Our wanderlust is in full gear over this timber Icelandic country cottage! The exterior is painted in a deep pitch black, and it’s interiors complement the landscape by combining dark saturated hues with an abundance of windows.

2. This Cozy Bedroom

We don’t know about you, but sometimes we need to step away from the busyness of life and have some peace and quiet—enter this bedroom that is so minimalist even the natural light is down low.

3. This Man Cave

Leather couch, check. Musical instrument, check. This dark room has got the makings of an excellent man cave. The mood lighting makes it ready for sleep or watching the game without any glare. Now all your man needs is some snacks to munch on.

4. This Patterned Office

Now just because it’s an office doesn’t mean you can’t be adventurous! We love this Shibori wall cover from Boho Luxe Home that makes a room instantly luxe. The pattern is a modern version of Japanese tie-dye that injects creativity into an otherwise serious space. Major design inspo, don’t you think?

5. This Quiet Space

Sometimes the darkness doesn’t have to be dark paint, it just has slightly less light. Throw in some books, a favorite chair, an accent door and you’ve got an Instagrammable space. Not to mention an area in your home where you can practice mindfulness.

6. This Hotel Room

This wall color is absolute GOALZ. The deep teal sets a serene mood, and the dark furniture contrasting with the metallic lamp and pristine white sheets seemingly call you to melt into the bed and add more Zzzzs.

7. This Reading Nook

We promised a refreshing dark room and here it is! Dark walls paired with pops of olive-toned greens, pinks, and other bright colors make this reading nook exciting and bright. These Eames lounge chairs and Barcelona bed are just tingling our design senses!

8. This Loft with a Proper View

This might be cheating because lofts usually have a fair amount of light that make them feel even more expansive, but we absolutely love the muted, dark toned furniture and the floors. They allow the view to be the focal point and the glossiness of the floor reflects any light that comes in, even the ones from the skyline. The perfect setting for some Netflix and chill.

9. This Walk-in Closet

What we would give to have our own walk-in closet like this! The deep blacks paired with a chandelier makes it so palatial and lavish, it’s a closet fit for royalty. Can we please talk about the hint of neon signs in the corner? Perfection.

10. This Funky Bedroom

When we said dark rooms, you didn’t think of this one did you? See how the walls go with the psychedelic prints peppered throughout the room? Don’t even get us started on the orange ceiling that we bet you didn’t notice because it magically fits the room. Hot tip: pillows instantly ups the cosy ante. We like these ones.

11. This Nursery

So you’ve done the lavender lotion, the feed, but still have a fussy baby at bedtime. Tried a dark nursery, yet? Add some blackout curtains to really put your little one in the mood to sleep, or do what this mom did and paint the nursery walls a deep, chocolatey color—chic and neutral!

12. This Dining Room in Denmark

We think wine is appropriate in a dining area like this. Mirrors intensify the minimal light peeking through the window, but are still muted enough to allow you a quiet, relaxing lunch. Cheers!

13. This Restful Bedroom

At the end of the day don’t we all just want to collapse into this bed, curling up with a nice warm cup of tea and a good book until we get sleepy? This dark room is not lacking in texture to stimulate you, from the metallic accents to the abundance of natural light, but see how the off-black walls override those senses and make you want to pull the blankets over your head and just leave the world behind.

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