Vintage Camel Saddle Bag


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A Vintage Travel Accessory That’s a Work of Art

These embroidered and tasseled saddle bags are works of art, each one unique and handmade.

Originally designed to carry items from place to place on camel or horseback, they now make great additions to your modern boho home. Drape one over a chair back, use it atop a table or counter or hang it as a piece of art. We consider any wear and tear part of the character and charm of our vintage items.

Damage: Dark stains on bask side, worn corners on the front side, dark stains on the front side. All appropriate to it's vintage charm.

Dimensions: Length – Approx. 46.5" Width – Approx. 21" Weight - Approx. 5lbs

Weight 6 lbs

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