The Luxury Furoshiki Kit – Bakuba Lodge


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  • Description

    The ultimate gift for your favorite maximalist. It's the gift wrap that keeps on giving! For a chic hostess gift, wrap around a bottle of wine.

    Our Luxury Furoshiki Kit includes a 26" square 100% silk scarf with a crisp, rolled hem, a hand-beaded tassel with acrylic topper, two coordianting gift tags and two how to cards for repurposing the scarf all year long.

    Wrap around a wine bottle for conversation-stopping hostess gift. Wrap boxes and books and top with the tassel. The recipient can repurpose this luxurious gift wrap as a scarf, head wrap, Japanese-style shoulder bag, or more. Tie it around a throw pillow - or rewrap and regift it for a brand new stylish chapter.

  • Pattern Story

    This luxurious silk habotai scarf and accessory set is the ultimate in eco-friendly gift wrapping and a super chic gift, itself.

    Based on the Japanese concept of Furoshiki, our maximalist version features SmithHönig’s exclusive Bakuba Lodge pattern, a coordinating glass-beaded tassel and a set of coordinating gift tags. The Maximalist’s Furoshiki kit also includes a handy how-to guide for turning this gorgeous silk scarf into a purse, a pillow cover, even a face mask - and of course, it makes a great head wrap or fashion accessory. This is not throw-away fashion. It’s proof that style can be both creative and functional.

    Our exclusive Maximalist's Furoshiki Kit includes:

    • (1) Our Bakuba Lodge Square Scarf
    • (1) Beaded Tassel with Acrylic Crown, in Plume
    • (2) Coordinating Gift Tags
    • (2) How-To Cards for Repurposing Furoshiki All Year Long
    Scarf Size: 26” x 26”
    Fabric:  100% Silk Habotai with a crisp rolled hem
    Care: Hand wash, cold water with a mild detergent, hang to dry. Iron on cotton setting. Can be dry cleaned. Do not bleach.

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